A reflection

Had a bit of a revelation


I realized something about myself this morning.

Something that people can do that can send me down to the depths.

If I know someone is having a tough time and chooses not to say anything to me, especially if I try to initiate contact with them, it will trigger my spiral down.

Even though I never had many friends, I’ve always been a person that people could and would share their troubles with.  I’m a good listener and a good encourager.

When someone I care about is struggling and they don’t talk to me about it – or even tell me that they don’t want to talk about it, or even just say that they’re having a struggle and want to be left alone – I will take it to mean that they hate me and no longer want to talk to me or be in my life.

That had something to do with what happened with Michelle and that had lots to do with what dragged me down last night.

Now if only that trigger would go away.


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