A rant / A reflection


I think I know what the real deal is with a borderline….or at least I know what the deal is with this borderline… Love. We want to be loved.  And we don’t just want it.  We are starving for it; yearning for it; begging and pleading for it. We are starving for it in a … Continue reading

A reflection


The last 2 days have been back and forth for me. I’ve been so hungry to be loved by man. So hungry that I’ve been purposely ignoring what I know to be truth. As it often happens, it takes seeing crises of others’ for me to see the truth for my own. Someone in mental … Continue reading

A rant


I joined some dating websites. I really shouldn’t have. I’ve met some wonderful men. And I’ve fucked every one (of the wonderful men).  The one’s that weren’t wonderful I never touched.  Lucky them. Why do I fuck them? I do it because I starve for affection I never got. I do it to degrade myself … Continue reading