A rant

Why go on

I wish I could think of a reason to live.  I pointed out on my other blog that there’s nothing in my life.

I have two children who live with me, but they don’t need me.

I’m useless to my 8yo daughter.  She has my sister to give her gymnastics and swimming lessons, throw her birthday parties and teach her manners.

I’m useless to my 16yo son.  He doesn’t listen to or give a damn about anything I say anyway.  Besides, he needs a male role model in his life more than he needs me.

I’m useless to my 20yo, with the exception of probably being the only one who truly understands him.  But what good does that do him anyway?

I have no friends who spend any time with me.

So who would miss me?

My family always shares any news with me last.  And I’m of no use to them either…I’m just the provider of grandchildren and nephews and nieces.  I have no money to contribute to anything the family does.

I’m a waste of skin and bone.

40 should have been my last birthday.  What’s the point in having any more?


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