A reflection


People don’t understand what it means when I say I want someone to care about me.

Don’t wish me happy birthday just because Facebook reminded you to.

Don’t post words of encouragement when I post despair just to have that be the only communication that ever happens.

Be in my life.

Talk to me face to face at least once a week.

Text me on a regular basis asking about me and telling me what’s going on in your life.  I want to be in someone’s life and that’s what I would do.

But I can’t initiate it.  I can’t start being the friend I need someone to be, because I don’t think I’m really wanted.

But I do know that over time, if someone starts being in my life, I would become actively in theirs.

But I couldn’t do it until I knew for sure that they wanted me there.

And that would take some time.



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