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I was in a bad way So I got drunk It didn’t help.  I cut myself  It didn’t help.  I smoked weed It didn’t help.  So I’m drunk and high and crying my eyes out I’m going to take my pills and go to sleep.  Maybe tomorrow will be better. maybe I’ll try AA. Maybe someone … Continue reading


Am I Wanted?

I’ve discovered something about myself through a friends with benefits type of relationship I have right now.  I can’t, most likely because of my extreme fear of rejection, initiate anything.  Not anything. I can’t initiate a text conversation.  You have to text me first. I can’t risk the chance that my text will go unanswered. … Continue reading

A rant


I’ve been having troubles, the last few days, with being very pissed off at my ex husband. When I married him, I really had no intention of being back here, where I am again.  Alone. Why couldn’t he have just tried harder? I was so sick at the end of our marriage that I couldn’t … Continue reading



I haven’t written much lately because, mood-wise, I’ve been doing very well.  I’ve been happy (or whatever you call it) with virtually no bad spells. I’ve basically accepted my life as it is.  I haven’t been going out or really doing anything though. I  wonder if there’s a connection. Today though, I don’t even know … Continue reading