A rant


I’ve been having troubles, the last few days, with being very pissed off at my ex husband. When I married him, I really had no intention of being back here, where I am again.  Alone. Why couldn’t he have just tried harder? I was so sick at the end of our marriage that I couldn’t … Continue reading

A rant

So Broken

I had come so far. It took me 3 years to get there. And all it took was one man and I fell spectacularly into a million pieces. He was phenomenal with his words.  I always believed the things he said.  Something I don’t usually do.  I don’t believe a person’s words.  I wait for … Continue reading

A reflection / My life


Haven’t been posting much on this blog lately, and that’s primarily because I have been, for the most part, doing pretty well.  Usually when I post something, it’s because something happened and I had to explain the way I was feeling at the moment or what I needed from someone involved. Things have changed over … Continue reading

A reflection


The last 2 days have been back and forth for me. I’ve been so hungry to be loved by man. So hungry that I’ve been purposely ignoring what I know to be truth. As it often happens, it takes seeing crises of others’ for me to see the truth for my own. Someone in mental … Continue reading

A rant


I joined some dating websites. I really shouldn’t have. I’ve met some wonderful men. And I’ve fucked every one (of the wonderful men).  The one’s that weren’t wonderful I never touched.  Lucky them. Why do I fuck them? I do it because I starve for affection I never got. I do it to degrade myself … Continue reading

A rant

Unloved and loved

I feel so alone. There are many people who say they love or care about me. But I can’t feel it. I can’t believe it. It’s like I’m numb to love. And it’s torture. You know it’s out there but you will never know it. It’s like having something you desire very much, and you … Continue reading