A rant

So Broken

I had come so far. It took me 3 years to get there. And all it took was one man and I fell spectacularly into a million pieces. He was phenomenal with his words.  I always believed the things he said.  Something I don’t usually do.  I don’t believe a person’s words.  I wait for … Continue reading

A rant / My life


why can’t anyone understand i can’t believe your words i have to see actions if i push you away it’s because you hurt me but i need you to pursue me back to you and no i won’t make it easy if you don’t get started on it right away; waiting solidifies wet cement to … Continue reading

A rant


I joined some dating websites. I really shouldn’t have. I’ve met some wonderful men. And I’ve fucked every one (of the wonderful men).  The one’s that weren’t wonderful I never touched.  Lucky them. Why do I fuck them? I do it because I starve for affection I never got. I do it to degrade myself … Continue reading

A rant


I’m so stressed out.  And I can’t even say why. I want to get a baseball bat and smash things. I want to get plastered and laid by some random guy. I’d call the mental health line but they’re so useless. They get back to you…eventually.  What good is that?  They don’t really care. I … Continue reading

A rant / A rave / My life

Why be Suicidal?

No, I’m not suicidal right now. But do you know why I feel suicidal or that I’d do everyone a favor by offing myself? Because I cause others pain. Someone said on Facebook today that I am ultimately responsible for how I respond to others.  She’s absolutely right.  I know that I am ultimately responsible … Continue reading