A rant


I’ve been having troubles, the last few days, with being very pissed off at my ex husband. When I married him, I really had no intention of being back here, where I am again.  Alone. Why couldn’t he have just tried harder? I was so sick at the end of our marriage that I couldn’t … Continue reading

A rant

Accepting the facts

I need to accept the facts.  All of the facts. I will never be good enough or worthy of love. I could never please my parents.  My grades were never good enough no matter how hard I tried.  Those C’s should have been A’s.  Those B’s should have been A’s.  Those A’s should have been … Continue reading

A rant

Why go on

I wish I could think of a reason to live.  I pointed out on my other blog that there’s nothing in my life. I have two children who live with me, but they don’t need me. I’m useless to my 8yo daughter.  She has my sister to give her gymnastics and swimming lessons, throw her … Continue reading

A rant / A reflection


Haven’t written in a while with so much going on that I’ve been keeping myself planted on the couch, knitting and crocheting watching episode after episode of the TV shows we own on DVD.  I can’t deal with much more than that these days.  My stress level has been threatening to spike these days and … Continue reading